Our Story

PTFiTApp — Software built for personal trainers, by personal trainers.

In 2013 I had already been personal training for 9 years when something happened that would change my career forever: My daughter was born. As many of you can attest, there is a big difference between training to support yourself and training to support your family. Suddenly I was acutely aware of how much time I was spending outside of sessions on my business. Writing up workouts, maintaining open communication, changing up diet plans, organizing my schedule, all the while trying to pick up new clients was eating up time and energy that I wanted to spend as a dad. So I looked for a solution. I knew I needed to streamline and set up systems and processes to help me provide the high level of service my clients were accustomed to. The problem was, no one service could give me what I needed. At the time, I would need a minimum of 4 different services to help me run my business. Juggling 4 different systems was not my idea of convenient, and paying for 4 different systems wasn’t something I was excited about either. I decided there should be a better way.

Cue 2014. I got together with my wife’s uncle Christopher, who is a software developer, and we proceeded to start our own personal training software from scratch. I would tell Christopher a personal trainer would need in a software, he would try to make it happen, I would try to use it, he would have to fix it, and eventually we would both be satisfied, and able to move on to the next feature. Then we would send it out to Beta testers, who would have there own ideas about usability, and we would start again. It was a long, onerous process taking 2 years of full-time work, but it resulted in the most complete, user-friendly software imaginable — for the android tablet.

One thing we knew from our own experience and from user feedback was that having our software on only one platform wasn’t going to cut it. Trainers needed the freedom to set up clients on their computers, train them in-person while using their tablet. and be able to shoot them a message or a workout from their phone. So in 2016 we expanded our development team. We got together with the guys at Inclan Interactive to make that happen.

So where are we now? We are now offering the most intuitive, easy-to-use, personal trainer client management software out there, able to be used on any web-enabled device. And don’t worry about the cost being prohibitive — since this software exists to provide benefit and service to your clients, it only makes sense that they pay for it. So sign up, sign on, and add a client today. See if this is the software solution you have been looking for.